Dear Colleagues,

We cordially invite you to participate in a series of scientific conferences that will take place in Burgas, Bulgaria, on the coast of the Black Sea, as a part of the International Scientific Events 2024.

The Science and Education Foundation, along with its partners, will be hosting six scientific conferences, and we would be honored to have your participation in these events.

Agriculture & Food ( ) , 12th International Conference (12-15 August)
Ecology & Safety ( ) , 33rd International Conference (12-15 August) 
Materials, Methods & Technologies ( ) , 26th International Conference (15-18 August) 
Economy & Business ( ) , 23rd International Conference (18-21 August) 
Education, Research & Development ( ) , 15th International Conference (21-24  August) 
Language, Individual & Society ( ) , 18th International Conference (21-24 August)

Please note that participants are allowed to change the type of presentation (oral, poster, or online) up to 30 days before the conference date. 

Additionally, online participants have the option to submit oral presentations and posters, and they will receive all printed materials (program, certificate, etc.) from the event, as well as have their papers published.

It is worth noting that representatives from universities, institutes, laboratories, and other organizations from 59 countries participated in the 2023 events.

Lastly, the papers presented during the conference will be published in open-access journals that are part of  International Scientific Publications ( ) .


We are looking forward to meeting you in August!

Ivan Genov

Science & Education Foundation, Bulgaria