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Departamentul de Geografie - Premierea studenților cu rezultate deosebite obținute la învățătură, în anul universitar 2019-2020

Ca urmare a situației deosebite de anul acesta, Departamentul de Geografie nu a mai putut organiza festivitatea de premiere a studenților cu rezultate deosebite obținute la învățătură, în anul universitar 2019-2020.

Prin urmare, lista studenților premianți poate fi consultată aici.

Diplomele în original pot fi ridicate de la sala B628, etaj 3 (birou laboranți).

Felicitări tuturor premianților!

The 8th EUGEO Congress on the Geography of Europe

Dear colleague,

The Faculty of Science of Charles University and the Czech Geographical Society in cooperation with the Association of Geographical Societies in Europe (EUGEO; http://eugeo.eu/) have the honour of inviting you to join the 8th EUGEO Congress on the Geography of Europe, which will be held in Prague from June 28 to July 1, 2021. Please, see the attached circular or the congress website (https://www.eugeo2021.eu/) for more information.

The congress continues the tradition of the EUGEO biannual congresses, bringing together geographers from all over the world. The main topic of the congress, Sustainable geographies in the heart of Europe, refers to the passion geographers have for the exploration of the world that surrounds us. Understanding complexity and fragility of geographical environment as well as of the own discipline has been an essential part of many geographical efforts. The congress is open to all geographers, physical and human alike, and to any interested scholars from related disciplines.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Prague.


On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee

Zdeněk Boudný (LOC Secretary)


Charles University, Faculty of Science

Department of Social Geography and Regional Development

Albertov 6, 128 43 Prague 2, Czechia

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