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Finnish National Open Science Autumn Conference

Dear RSO-group,

I wish to welcome you and /or your colleagues to Finnish National Open Science Autumn Conference organized by the University of Turku together with the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies Finnish national coordinator of open science. The event will take place on Wednesday at 24th of November 2021 and the morning session of the event (8.15 -10:30 CET) will be in English. You may register free of charge (see the link below). This group, especially (Marjolein Toebes) helped us to organize such an interesting morning session.

Best regards,


Mari Riipinen, PhD

Head of Unit, Research Development and Administration

Univeristy of Turku


+358 40 5779273


Register by 22.11.2021 for the Open Science Autumn Conference and get inspired about the open infrastructures of science and research!

This year, the University of Turku, together with the National Open Science Coordination, will organize the Open Science Autumn Conference, which will focus on science and research infrastructures.

Time: 24.11.2021 klo 9-16.50 and 25.11.2021 klo 9-15.30
Place: Zoom
Programme and registration: https://avointiede.fi/en/events/open-science-autumn-conference-2021